James And Wood (Scotland)

James N' Wood

This charismatic duo were formed about two and a half years ago bringing together two excellent musicians and entertainers, Steve James and Martin Wood. Steve has had a long history with UK country music playing for 19 years with the Steve James Country Band, followed by three years with Arizona Flame then a further 2 years with Smoking Guns. Martin arrived in Scotland 6 years ago where he was introduced to Steve by a mutual friend Shane Du Mont formerly of Hillbilly Deluxe and so the friendship was formed ultimately resulting in James N’ Wood. Martin from South Africa also had a long history in the music industry. He was a producer for 20 years playing in various bands and as a solo artist playing all genres of music for another 15 years. Together now the duo are building a large following of listeners and dancers throughout the UK with a great mix of traditional and up to date material.  hey also perform as a four piece band we are sure you are going to hear a lot more of this team as their popularity continues.

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